Who is the bigger superstar LeBron or KD ?


Fairly soon people are going to start the debate about who is a better player and the bigger superstar, LeBron James or Kevin Durant. I think by the end of this series we will have the answer to that question.

 KD can shoot from downtown,or off the dribble, he can drive to the basket,,he moves well in transition and, he doesn’t need to start every play with the ball because he can get open.  He runs the floor like a race horse and will take off at the foul line,,he can draw people to him and then pass the ball and he can play tough defense  and guard the the teams best player all night long.  He can play alongside good players who bring out the best in each other and that might be the critical difference right there. He plays within the scheme of the team and in OKC defense comes first and the Coach says if you don’t play defense you don’t play. He is a superstar but he is a super team player.

LeBron has the full court range but maybe is not taking advantage of the defensive dominance that KD has and he is not in it for the team, he is in it to get LeBron rings and he takes the rest of the team out of the games as he works. Most nights Miami plays one of or two substitutes and the entire offense is focused on getting the ball to LeBron and sinking or swimming on his night. They try and conserve his offensive power by resting him on defense, so he is only a superstar on one end of the floor.  There is no doubt that LeBron is the league MVP but he wouldn’t have it any other way. Instead of making guys around him better ( like Michael Jordan learned to do) the rest of the team gets lost while LeBron works. Smarter teams can let LeBron go and let him get 30 or 40 points a game, as long as they can shut down the rest of the team who cares if he scores 50. His ball dominance fails to allow other players on the team to catch a hot hand or get into a good rhythm on a consistent basis. I am not buying the argument that Wade and Bosh are not a good supporting cast. I am saying LeBron has not learned how to use the rest of the team for the good of the team and therefore his game is too LeBron-centric. His superstar talent is unquestionable – his ability to be a team leader and play within the team for the good of the team is highly suspect.


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