NBA Finals – If Miami Goes Down Wade Will Leave Town

Miami Heat v New Orleans Hornets

As we start the NBA Finals, I think there is a lot more at stake than who wins or who loses. An Oklahoma City Championship in my opinion will spell the end of Dwayne Wade in Miami. I don’t think Pat Riley can stand on letting things roll, if the Heat comes up short of a championship this year. I believe that it will spell the end of the Big three in Miami and I believe Dwayne Wade will be traded if that happens. He will ask for the trade and he be accommodated. All the pressure in the series is on the Heat and squarely on LeBron’s shoulders to get off the Multiple MVP list without a Championship.

The reality of the situation is that this has become LeBron’s team and Wade has become part of the supporting cast. As talented as Wade is, he has become a sideshow to the trials and tribulations of the pursuit of a ring for LeBron James. If James falls short of his quest, Dwayne will be headed for the exit sign and straight out of town in a trade. I have to think Dwayne is now wondering why he ever got involved in the circus that brought LeBron to what was once Dwayne Wade’s team in Miami. Was it worth it ? There can’t be two main guys on one team and James is at the center of the Heat, the media and the controversy.

It is now a matter of how LeBron James matches up with Kevin Durant and what are the consequences of that match up. It is what all the announcers will talk about as the series begins and unfolds. Wade is fading into the background and his ego will not tolerate the demotion. LeBron has turned the Heat into the most hated team in the nation and Wade is suffering for it. His skills, court presence and leadership has suffered over LeBron’s arrival and he isn’t going to recover from it in Miami’. Wade has only himself to blame as he boldy reached out to LeBron as he thought it would guaranty him a ring. Little did he know the cost of selling his team out to the circus that is Lebron James. Win or lose LeBron or Miami will never embraced and Wade will not hang around to bear the weight of the loss.

It’s all gone sour for Dwayne Wade in Miami and I think he will be wearing a different uniform next year and relieved to be away from the LeBron show.

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