Michael Jordan time to step up for Basketball


The NBA Owners and Players are digging in for a long and contentious battle over money. Monday marks the begining of negotiations that will take place with federal mediators in the room. So what,that just smells to me like a lawsuit and that got the NFL nowhere either. The sides are miles apart on financial matters, league structure, and concepts, however, they share common ground on one issue and that is they all want to play basketball get paid and make lots of money.

There is an X factor here,,a wild card,, a white knight, or superior amabassador that the NFL did not have available to them in their negotiaitons. He is a man who commands the respect of the players and the owners. ,He transcends the sport and he could be the one person who could bridge the gap and pave a road to a settlement. His name is Michael Jordan, owner of the Charlotte Bobcats, holder of 6 NBA championship rings, ambassador of the Nike brand and Star of NBA Spacejam one of the best sports movies of all time.

Michael Jordan the one man who might be able to set the right tone for this negotiation and he is suspiciously missing from the bargaining table. Michael is the one guy who can handle David Stern and the one guy who could talk to the players. Yet he has not been involved in the negotiations. I can virtually guaranty you that he will not talk to Dwayne Wade like ” he is a child” and he will not illicit the disrespect that Stern gets from the players, Yet he isn’t in the game, why? Why when you have the one person who defines the game of basketball at the most cirtical point in the history of the game is he sitting on the bench ?

What a perfect stage for the greatest basketball player of our time to step on to . It is loaded with drama and meaning for Michael personally and financially. Who else would you want to have the proverbial “ball” in a defining moment like this other than Michael Jordan. Answer NO ONE !.

Michael Jordan put on your Nike’s and step on the court, one more time for the good of Basketball



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