Weighing in on Sanchez

Sanchez in fetal position

To be entirely fair it takes time for QB’s to develop and you probably don’t know what you are going to have until about the third year. Well, it is Mark Sanchez’s third year in the league and while he was thrust into a starting role before his time with the Jets, I think he is stock is slipping and I don’t think he will develop much further or be the franchise player the Jets are looking for to take them to the promise land.  I think Sanchez’s NFL skills are limited and he is holding his team back from developing any further.

His career QB numbers are very unexciting and borderline horrible. Through last week he has thrown for35 touchdowns to go with 38 interceptions and 16 fumbles in 2 plus years. He averages just 6.62 yds a completion and has an avg QB rating 71.0.  He is currently is ranked 28th in the league among 32 QB’s slightly ahead of players like rookie Blaine Gabbert and the ancient mariner Kerry Collins doing fill in work for the injured Peyton Manning.

By comparison Tom Brady threw for 36 touchdown passes last year alone, one more than Sanchez has in his whole career. Top QB’s maintain ratings over 100. They manage the games well, and they find ways to win. Yes the Jets have had some play-off success the last two years, but I don’t think it is because of Mark Sanchez. I think it is because the talent around Sanchez is so good they have managed to survive. I think they have peaked with him at QB and will be spiraling down now. They are entitled to a bad game here and there but they were awful against the Ravens last week and Sanchez’s performance was dismal.

I don’t think you can blame his performance on the Offensive Line or his Receivers. The line is loaded with blue chip talent and he always has had big time receivers to throw to who make ridiculous catches for him. He has Santonio Holmes and Plaxico Burress to throw to who has the wingspan of a Pterodactyl along with Dustin Keller and Derrick Mason. But he can’t seem to find them on the field.

By today’s NFL QB standards he is small and therefore requires wide passing lanes. I don’t think he sees the field well and I don’t think he protects the ball well for the offense and he just isn’t effective enough of the time. He can move well, but it doesn’t help his completion percentages which are a meager 54 per cent in his career. He needs to be over 60 per cent to be effecctive. If you are not a monster athlete, you can still play QB, certainly Phil Simms did an excellent job of managing teams and maintaining high percentage of completions through out in his pro career and even was the winner and MVP of Super Bowl XXI.

This should be the year when it all comes together for Sanchez and instead he looks like a rookie out there and it looks like it is all slipping away. He looks confused and he is putting the ball on the ground. I don’t think his talented team mates can lift him up to their level and I don’t think he can play up.

I am selling Mark Sanchez and I think Rex Ryan if he wants to predict Super Bowls in the future for the Jets, he may have to start looking for other answers at the QB position.



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