NFL and Bengals fumbling on Simpson


Jerome Simpson  plays on for the Bengals despite the fact that federal investigators seized 8 pounds of marijuana from his house including a package containing 2.5 lbs on delivery to Simpson’s residence. They also seized drug paraphernalia and packaging materials. Again, I am all about innocent until proven guilty, but this player is under federal investigation for drug trafficking. I am pretty sure that violates the morals clause in his contract – and no doubt is in direct conflict with NFL League Drug Policy for Players. Unless the NFL has recently switched to a “smok’em if you got ’em scenario then there is clearly at least an ethical or moral issue here with regard to letting Simpson play on.  I am not judging Simpson here, there are courts for that. I am questioning what statement his employer and his union are making by not at least benching the guy and saying while they support their players they don’t condone this type of alleged behavior or distraction and he will be sitting and watching until it is sorted out. If I am Jerome Simpson I am playing until told otherwise, I have no problem with that and I think he is doing the right thing under the circumstances. The problem I am having is with the Cincinnati Bengals and the NFL. If this is “normal behavior”  and the Team and league condone it well I guess staying silent on the matter and letting Simpson play is par for the course. If the team or League sees anything wrong with the player having 8 pounds of marijuana in his house then this is the time to weigh in and send a message to anyone in the league who thinks this is OK, that it will not be tolerated. If the NFL sees fit to punish and suspend Cedric Benson for a legal infraction during the lock-out for which he has already been punished, then why does the NFL take no action against a player who was just caught with 8 pounds of marijuana at his house? No, charges have not been filed, but I don’t hear Simpson denying that it was his house or his weed ? The Bengals and NFL have fumbled on Simpson unless they are claiming the player surrendered himself and went to the ground untouched and therefore the Bengals get to keep him in the line-up until the investigators turn up the charges.

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