There is only 1 Maurice Jones Drew

jones drew

There are a lot of good running backs in the NFL, there are a few elite running backs in the NFL, but there is only one Maurice Jones Drew. At 5’7″ and 208 lbs he is the toughest, fastest, beast of a running of a back the NFL has seen since Barry Sanders. His 6th year in the league at 26 years old, he has rushed for over 1,300 hundred yards in each of the last 2 years while adding over 300 yds receiving in each year and piled on 27 touchdowns. He is productive, he plays low to the ground, he has the speed to go with the package and he plays hurt. He grinds out every play until after the whistle, he is impossible to bring down, he will get you yards after the initial contact, more yards after the second and third hit and is always the guy making the tackle if a fumble by someone else goes the other way. He is the consummate professional, and he has the talent and leadership skills to go with the package.

No matter how many times Jacksonville changes quarterbacks or offensive schemes, Jones Drew is there to make something out of nothing and he finds ways to keep his team competitive by carrying the offense around on his back. He is a monster of a player on the field and a team diplomat off the field. There is nothing more the Jaguars could ask of him, he does it all, he says it all and he keeps folks coming to the games and single handedly gets Jaguar Nation pumped up. He is in every sense of the word a franchise player.

Here is the problem I am having though, he is on the tail end of a 5 year contract and he is making short money for carrying that franchise around on his back. He played last year hurt and now he is back on track and surely headed to another pro bowl. Wayne Weaver needs to dig in his pockets and pay that man. MJD is to the Jaguars what Peyton Manning is to the Colts, Tom Brady is to the Patriots, and more than Adrian Peterson is to the Vikings, who is walking around with a 7 year,  100 million dollar contract.  He deserves the big money. It is not his fault the Jags can’t muster up a supporting cast that can take the team the promised land, but without him there is no team.

I say do the right thing by him and the Jacksonville franchise and pay him the big contract NOW!  There is only one MJD, make him a 100 million dollar back. He has made at least that for you and/or upped your franchise value significantly for the years he has been a Jaguar.

Just do it Wayne !


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