Ranking the NFC week 3



The National Football Conference

So what do you all think of Post Lock-Out football so far ?  Personally, I think if the goal was parity and to shorten careers with knee injuries the NFL is firing on all cylinders. At this point in the season I think pretty much any team in the NFC can beat any other team on any given Sunday. No  one team looks invincible, the Green Bay Packers and Detroit Lions look good early on, but it is 3 games in and the injury bug hasn’t rattled their cages yet. Detroit has been drafting in the top 3 for the last ten years, so no surprise there.  New Orleans looks very human to me, The Dream Team Eagles look like  The Nightmare Pidgeons  and Andy Reid must be taking stupid pills with his goal line offense.

In the East there is no Beast and  I would look for these teams to beat the living hell out of each other in their division match ups. Look at the Giants – Eagles game this weekend, or the Cowboys v Redskins last night as an indication of things to come. I think just about anyone can come out of the East Division a champion, The injury factor is going to play a big role in who survives, Vick is already a wounded soldier and so is Tony Romo,  but I am going out on a limb here and saying the Giants will take the Crown in the East, they suffrered injuries early and are on the mend. In the North, Green Bay looks very solid as defending Super Bowl Champs, but Detroit will challenge all year-long and should get a play-off spot.  In the South Tampa Bay and New Orleans will slug it out. I think Tampa Bay comes out on top in the end. In the West it’s a battle of the NFC weaker teams and  a below .500 record will probably be good enough to take the division, same as last year, unless the 49er’s can keep it together.

For the most part I think a lot of what you see will be driven by injury. So many key players battling to stay on the field and so many teams struggling with depth and on both sides the ball. I don’t like what the Lock-Out has done for football. I think you can chalk up the poor play and injury laden season to the players being cut off from coaching, trainers and facilities in the off-season. Rookies and free agents are still learning play books for the most part making it hard for them to fill in and/or start in certain circumstances. If I was forced to pick and NFC champion today, I would have say it would be Green Bay. Caution, a lot can go wrong from here on out.

I will give you my view of the AFC tomorrow.

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