Vick – tim of his own crimes




Michael Vick has no one to blame but himself for getting roughed up and possibly his offensive line and more specifically the guys playing guard on the Eagles. Vick is not your classic pocket passer, his skills are more about dropping back reading the defense and then taking off as a runner and putting the pressure on the defense to stop him. This makes him more of a run first and second pass option, type QB,  and not a pure QB. In essence, the Eagles are running a Wildcat offense and allowing Vick the option of running or passing on every play. The fact that he drops back to survey the field does not make him any less of a runner and more of passer, he is just pausing to consider his options. He only takes the pass play when it is wide open and quite frankly he isn’t that accurate despite the weapons he has in Jackson and Maclin.

Last year, when Vick moved into the starting job, defenses did not prepare for him as run first throw second type QB. This year its crystal clear teams are game planning for him that way. They are defending for Vick as a runner first and playing him like a running back who has the option of throwing the ball. The result is for Vick he is  getting hammered. Three weeks into the season, Vick has a concussion, a severely bruised hand, looks like he has been through a war after each game and he is complaining the referee’s don’t protect him. Well Mr. Vick, you are running back playing QB and you don’t get special treatment because that is how you have decided to approach the game. Just like Maurice Jones Drew or Adrian Peterson don’t get to say, hey ref I think those guys out there on the defense are hitting me to hard, neither do you.  You can’t have it both ways as a running QB. When you run you are going to get hammered, when you drop back defenses have to defend against you as if you are going to take off and run so, you are going to get hit often and hit hard. Referee’s have to call it that way, they don’t know what you are going to do either. Stop blaming them for doing their job correctly.

The problem is at 31 years old, you don’t have the durability you once had and every time you get hit your body hurts more and more. Your not built to play running back in the NFL  anymore than you have the skills to play QB. You are hybrid of the two positions and while it might fly in college it doesn’t work in the NFL. The beatings will continue Mr. Vick and you already look like a guy who is just about done for the season.  Which goes back to my earlier post on this blog. What were the Eagles thinking giving you an 80 million dollar contract and tagging you as franchise player when all you had on your resume this go round was 11 games last year when no teams were prepared to play defense against you. You spoke to soon and they doubled down on you blindly.

Dream Team ? – Keep Dreaming, you are gonna wish it was all a dream after a few more games like the one you just had against the Giants.

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