Bombasticviews Bombs of the Week


The two videos posted here are prime examples of why athletes need to think before they speak and to consider the consequences of your celebratory actions.

BombasticView will be giving out weekly awards during the NFL season,  called the Bombs of the week

The offensive Bomb of the week goes too – Eli Manning of the New York Giants:


Eli Manning after a Giants win v Rams is discussing the plays that the Giants had put in for new wide receiver Brandon Stokley. Eli talks about Brandon’s “package” or scheme of plays and how it started out small and got big during the middle of the game, meaning his targets opened up in the middle of the field and helped the offense. However, in the real world Eli talking about “someone’s” package and how it grew during the game is something entirely different from football schemes. A lot of people were hearing something very different from what you were saying. Even in my living room where we were watching the game some one is saying no wonder Eli can’t complete a pass, he is busy staring at that guy’s pants. Not that you meant it that way but a lot of people heard it that way. You just don’t sound like a 100 million dollar guy or very intelligent and you’re the guy getting paid to think out there.

The defensive Bomb of the week goes to  Michael Boley of the New York Giants.


So after scooping up the backwards lateral  muffed by St. Louis  Rams Running Back , Michael Boley races 64 yards for the touchdown and then promptly fires the ball at a defenseless dude’s face on the sidelines. Pretty sure if that ball caught him,  it would have done some serious damage to his head. Boley looked like a young Brett Favre on that one, putting his entire body into the throw and he didn’t even give the guy a hey are you ok my bad  – check. It’s ok to be mean and nasty and do your touchdown romp, but firing it at the guys head and then just stomping away well nice Bomb!


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