Fred Jackson # 22 Buffalo Bills – Respect

Fred Jackson



Fred Jackson – 2 Games played, 35 rushing attempts for 229 rushing yards, 6.5 yds per carry average and 2 touchdowns.

30-year-old 6’1″ ,215  lbs , 7th year veteran, Buffalo Bills running back Fred Jackson is leading all NFL running backs in total rushing yards and has a lights out 6.5 yd per carry average. The Bills at 2-0 are the surprise Beast of the East and Fred Jackson who is a known quality top-tier back is not getting any love from the front office of the Bills on a contract renegotiation. He is making a paltry 1.75 million this year in the last two years of his contract. He is the 10th highest paid player on the team and I think he deserves a whole lot more respect and sheckles in his pocket.

For comparison purposes Chris Johnson last years top ground gainer is making close to 13 million dollars this year and in 2 games he has 33 rushing attempts for 77 yards and no touchdowns and an average yards per carry of 2.3 yds. So Chris Johnson make $764,705 dollars a game or about$ 19,862 a yard over the first two games. Yes he is the highest paid RB in the game with the lowest output per starting RB in the league.

Fred Jackson is making 1.75 million this year or $102,942 per game or about $899 dollars a yard and he is the top RB by rushing yards over the first two games of the year.

Fred Jackson is a productive RB who had over a 1000 yds rushing in 09 and close to 1000 in ’10 and around 300 passing yds gained to go with it in each of the last 2 years. He has a legitimate shot to eclipse those numbers this year. His play has forced the Bills to think of other ways to try to use 2nd year and first round pick RB CJ Spiller in other ways.

Hey Buffalo Bills you are climbing back to respectability in the NFL on the shoulders of Fred Jackson. He is the consummate professional who works hard and delivers the mail and he has earned the renegotiation. He has the respect of his teammates and he has the attention of all the other RB’s in the league. Look  at what the Vikings did with Adrian Peterson – put your hands in your pockets quietly and pay this guy. He has the whole league paying attention to your team. No there is no passing game without a running game and he is giving you the best running game in the league right now.


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