NFL player 8 pounds overweight


Police on Wednesday confiscated a package containing 2.5 pounds of marijuana shipped from California to the home of Bengals wide receiver Jerome Simpson in northern Kentucky.Bengals tackle Anthony Collins also was present at the house, along with a woman who signed for the package.

Police also found 6 more pounds of pot inside the house as well as drug paraphernalia such as “packaging materials, scales and smoking devices,” California Department of Justice spokeswoman Michelle Gregory told the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Police detained the players but didn’t arrest them and no charges have been filed.  The case will be addressed Thursday by the Kenton County (Ky.) prosecutor’s office.

“The house was set up as a potential distribution network,” Tommy LaNier, head of the National Marijuana Initiative, told, which broke the story.

A spokesman for the Bengals acknowledged the team was aware of the reports but did not offer any other comments. Both players participated in the team’s practice on Wednesday.

Marvin Lewis appeared on XM’s NFL radio on Thursday morning to address the situation.

“I’ve been appraised of the situation for a few days now and unfortunately Anthony’s name got up into it for no reason. It was at Jerome’s house and it’s an investigation that’s going on. He’s cooperating and doing what he can help in the investigation.”

YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT 8.5 POUNDS OF MARIJUANA and there were already 6 pounds in the house and ” the house was set-up as a potential distribution network”. If that were me or you we would not be at practice or at work the next day, someone would be reading us our rights and we would be awaiting indictment on federal charges and trying to post bail.

Sorry, I know athletes get special treatment and your innocent until proven guilty – but you don’t  keep 8.5 pounds of weed in your house for personal consumption – that is 136 ounces – 3,808 grams – and depending on if they are moving it in small quantities, fast math says that is about 88,000 dollars of weed street value in that moment in time that they were caught. Who knows how much is being moved through over the course of 12 months. That is a significant amount of weed for anyone, even a couple of football players who are busy playing football.

How can Bengals Head Coach Marvin Lewis be so obtuse to claim that “Anthony’s name got up in to it for no reason”. Hey Marvin, guess what, Anthony was in Jerome Simpson’s house, where the 6 pounds of weed were while the 2,5 lbs were being delivered”. Sounds like a whole lot of reasons to me Marvin, and sounds like at least two of your players are in a whole lot of trouble. But you already know that and so does everyone else.

People screw up we get that, mistakes are made. However, the preliminary indications here are that this is an ongoing operation and investigation into a trafficking operation. That is not something to just blow off and say people made a mistake. To protect everyone involved  the team, the coach and the individuals should be speaking through counsel or a spokeman and not be making stupid comments to the press. Moreover, isn’t this just a little more important than Deon Grant falling to the ground and grabbing his leg to get a time-out, but Roger Goodell has taken a significant amount of time to deal with” fake injuries”. He has made public statements and forwarded memos to teams and players on the matter this week threatening fines, suspensions, and taking away draft picks.

Where is the league policy on players who are under investigation for drug trafficking. Hello Roger are you there ? Are you listening ? Anybody home in the NFL offices ?

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