The NCAA is an hypocritical org – time to pay student athletes !


I think the NCAA is an hypocritical organization that is a national money-making machine that preys upon the notion that their athletes must maintain amateur status while they ride the backs of those student –  athletes all the way to the bank. I would even venture to guess the NCAA as an organization  probably violates more than a few labor laws in our fine country.

Big time college football programs and the NCAA make insane amounts of money on television packages, bowl games,  suite sales. tickets, corporate sponsorships, alumni giving, merchandise sales, and student ticket sales. Bowl Games alone generate 100’s  of millions of dollars to the NCAA in return for  broadcast rights. The Notre Dame football program by itself generates over 100 million dollars in revenue, with schools like Ohio State, Auburn and Georgia not far behind.

Universities under the auspices of the NCAA operate their football programs similar to professional sports organizations. They spend ridiculous sums of money recruiting high school football players to their programs because the better your team the more your school is going to make.  The part I don’t understand is why if these schools are making so much money in these programs and as a national governing body, how can they say these kids are amateurs. They are not, they are essentially professionals being taken advantage of by their schools in exchange for an athletic scholarship. They don’t really have to go to class or maintain a grade average, the universities have tutors and students who write their papers for them and go to class for them. They design classes for student athletes, like Rocks for Jocks ( geography), Wet Rocks for Jocks  ( oceanography) Far Away Rocks for Jocks ( astronomy) and so on and so on. At the bigger schools these athletes are comped every where they and no rules rarely apply. Cam Newton’s father literally sold him to Auburn for an annual fee. Reggie Bush took cars and homes for his parents to go to USC, Terelle Pryor had 6 sports cars in two years at Ohio State.

Student athletes have to play football and perform on the football field, they are professionals and it’s a job and the football programs generate income for the school and NCAA . In exchange the students get a free pass on their education and the NCAA and the University, cashes all those checks every week, while riding the athletes like stallions trumpeting the horn of amateurism.

I say it s time to pull the covers off the NCAA and the cash cow it has become, while holding down its athletes economically.  It’s an hypocritical organization. The NCAA should pay their athletes who make the NCAA ungodly sums of money. Quite frankly,. the NCAA has become such a contradiction in terms they should not even have the right to judge and proclaim amateurism while running themselves like the mega business college football has become .

Lincoln freed the slaves, NCAA needs to free their athletes.

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