#TakeAKnee #NFLPA Strong #TakeAWalk

Trump decides to attack the NFL and it’s Players over the peaceful #TakeaKnee during the National Anthem Protest. The Protest was founded by an African American Player who was protesting Police Brutality of African Americans and trying to create some awareness. Trump turns it into African American’s dis respecting the flag and being Un-Patriotic. I am not arguing it – that is what happened. Trump then compels NFL owners to convince Players to Stand during the Anthem and calls on his constituents to boycott the game, if Players do not Stand, borne out by the Mike Pence’s demonstration in Indianapolis on Peyton Manning Day.

So, now all the Trumptard racist fans are boycotting watching games, (literally depriving themselves of watching the games) and backing the NFLPA into a corner – which is coming after the Billionaire Owners vote, because as Jerry Jones states “Players are their Property and they will stand or they won’t play”. Right ? that is where we are at. Trump has politicized the game and drawn the lines in the sand between the White House and the Players Protesting. It’s now about being “american”. Sprinkle in some Jemele Hill attacks and Kaepernick attacks and we have a war.

Here comes the Fucking Moron part. Who, Mr. Trump do you think is getting punished by, you and Trumptards boycotting the NFL ? Answer the Owners and Corporate Sponsors – your pals, if the players walk.

Players are not property and they don’t give two fucks about you, the owners or the sponsors, because you treat them like high paid slaves anyway and they get your message loud and clear. They are out there literally killing themselves for your enjoyment, but the President doesn’t think they hit hard enough anymore. The best thing that could happen here is the players should unite, and fucking walk -out and leave the owners to watch the golden goose swirl the bowl.  They can go form their own league and take all the television and sponsorship money with them, because the NFL is 70 per cent African American and they are what makes the league worth watching and it’s all about the money and the money is going to follow the talent. Hey, remember when all the Corporate CEO’s quit the President’s Committees because he laid down some racist shit, well NFLPA they already telegraphed where they will go if push comes to shove, they are going with you.

Trust me nobody wants to watch a bunch of white guys chasing each other around, it’s called a bar room brawl and I can go to a bar and watch that shit for free. Brady will have no one to throw too, and white guys are slow and can’t catch except for Jordy Nelson and maybe Gronk and they are going with their brothers anyway.

The NFLPA should take their human and civil rights with them and walk out and go form their own league.

FDT and every Racist, Facist, Nazi Pig in the White House and all the White Facist Owners in the NFL.

#NFLPAStrong – #TakeaKnee . Dare to be Fucking Great!

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