In Ironic Twist POTUS Renders NFL Insignificant

In an amazing twist of irony, the dysfunctional POTUS who’s never ending need for attention, press and self – aggrandizement has shifted the attention away from the omnipotent press dominant, money machine we know as the NFL. Ironically, the very man, who promised to help line the pockets of his billionaire franchise owner friends, has single handedly dismantled the NFL’s year -round dominance of the news, and most likely it is eating into the values and pockets of his alleged friends.

He has grabbed the attention of the everyman and their unwavering fan support away from the daily activities of the NFL and on to the attention of “reality show” like investigations and the trials and tribulations of a beleaguered POTUS.

In the time before POTUS, every single issue of the NFL played itself out on the front pages of the newspapers and lead stories on news shows and all to the financial benefits of the industry which is the NFL. Hey, they even share the same special prosecutor in Robert Mueller now, who investigated the dirty laundry of the NFL, first.

In many ways, the POTUS reality show has all the same elements of controversy and corruption and discriminations and drama the NFL has brought us for years, now being played out on a much larger stage.  Bottom line, the importance of the NFL is diminished by the POTUS, and will pay for its demotion in franchise values and eyeballs.

Who of you thought that at the end of the Day it would be the POTUS who took the attention off Roger Goodell and saved Goodell’s job, while simultaneously loosening the the stranglehold the NFL has had on the heartbeat of the media. Maybe it is payback from the POTUS days in the USFL.

Lot’s to unpack here –

Just sayin …




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