NFL lining up the CFL – I smell an acquisition


In my humble opinion (lol), I believe the NFL is conforming the CFL to NFL rules and standards and will soon seek to acquire the entire league as part of becoming a world football league.

There are many little signs that support my theory and quite frankly the NFL’s appetite for world domination is blatant and they have been telegraphing it for years.

In April the NFL and CFL announced a joint officiating program

Last week the CFLPA announced changes to their Agents and Standard Representation contracts to mirror NFL flat fees on contracts of 3% or less and billable and payable only in Canadian Currency.

For the first time in years we have seen player releases in favor of NFL contracts by the CFL and more players moved last year from the CFL to the NFL than in any previous year..

New Stadiums have popped up in the CFL , including Toronto this year in the face of declining attendance and a large television deal is keeping the CFL going . A television deal takes eyeballs and the the league has that or the television contract wouldn’t be there – can you imagine what the NFL brand would do to the value of that agreement.

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that the NFL is hell bent on world-wide expansion and that the Canadian border would be the easiest to cross and cultivate. The current player pool is limited to current 53 man rosters and practice squads and is screaming for more spots for able bodied and talented players on all ends of the player spectrum, rookies to veterans.

Moreover, the NFL has the cash to buy out the CFL and the desire to expand their markets, while increasing the value of the brand by going international.  It’s low hanging fruit quite frankly and I don’t think the NFL owners can resist the temptation, nor can the CFL owners turn down the vig. on a deal.

My best guess, is it is imminent .



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