Laremy Tunsil was robbed on draft night by a bunch of hypocrites

In my personal opinion, I think everyone needs too shut up and get off of Laremy Tunsils back, and let the kid play the game instead of  judging his every non-football related move off the field as if it is going to determine what kind of player he becomes in the NFL. Right now we do not know whether he is the second coming of Jonathan Ogden or just another guy on the O – line, only time will give us the answer too that question. In the meantime, he was evaluated by everyone as a top player in the draft and every NFL team had all the information on Mr. Tunsil before the Commissioner took the Stage on Thursday night and started calling out names.

Was it colossally stupid to let the “bong hit ” picture out, you bet it was, however, how many of the folks commenting and judging Mr. Tunsil have a crystal, pristine record and never did anything “dumb” between the ages of 18-23. Man, i can name some politicians, NFL owners, Coaches and Players  etc. who have done some pretty stupid shit that made it to the papers, as well. I am sorry, hacked account or not, I am taking the best player and he was the better than a lot of guys that went before Miami had the nuts to take him at #13.  Moreover, anything that happened at Ole Miss. between Laremy Tunsil, his coaches etc. remains a matter between him, Ole Miss and the NCAA, which he is no longer a part of. If you think this is the only kid in the draft who got “some help” with his bills, well then, I am selling tickets on a star ship that is visiting other galaxy’s leaving tomorrow.

This is all just so hypocritical and stupid, my head is exploding. We just went through probably one of the most egregious seasons of foul immoral NFL behavior and many of those players are still in the league and playing or riding out a suspension – and you are busting this guy up for a picture of him doing an alleged bong hit ? Really, first of all Weed is legal in some states the NFL plays football in (and the NFL will have to come to terms with that someday soon) , and secondly, it’s about to be legal in many other NFL cities in the not to distant future.

Shame on those teams that discounted Laremy Tunsil on Draft night and let him slide to the 13th pick, when most of you had him ranked number 1 -3 overall and some of you passed on a talented young man because you thought he was going to be a problem, because he might have smoked some weed. Sorry, I am calling bullshit on that one. Just how much caffeine drinks did you all have and how many cigarettes did you smoke pre draft coming up with your great judgments and then how many shots of whiskey and beers did you have after celebrating your draft picks.

Raise your head high and you go get’em Laremy . Don’t even dignify these questions with any answers.

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