Get on the field somewhere – to continue your football career

There are only 7 rounds in the NFL Draft and even though rosters will expand to 90 for camp – the cuts will bring it down to 53 guys and a 10 man practice squad for each of the 32 NFL teams at the start of the new season. That means 2,016 players at any given time are what makes up the NFL player population in any given year. Of course injuries, etc. will pump the number, but that is generally the spectrum of players – which leaves a whole lot of players left out and wondering what to do next ? We are constantly being confronted with players who are unfamiliar with the NFL Draft process and then do not know what to do, when they do not get drafted and do not get signed as a Priority Free Agent or Free Agent after the Draft.

The answer does not lie in working out incessantly, becoming what we call work-out or gym warriors while promoting yourself on social media. The answer is too get on the field somewhere, anywhere and make plays and film that put you in a position to potentially continue your career and grow as a player.  If you can not get a job in the CFL then go work out for the AFL , If that does not pan out try the IFL or other indoor leagues, or play over in Europe . You must get on the ladder somewhere and try too climb through various leagues as the cream will always rise to the top and talent will ultimately be discovered if you are playing football somewhere. The higher leagues will respond to good film and good work outs but they generally will not respond to gym work outs or training videos.  Just because you can work out does not mean you are a football player. You have to play the game, to show you can play and you have to accept that when you get to the top rung of the ladder in one league, you are starting on the bottom rung in the next.

Many players do not want to join these lower leagues, because they do not afford them proper exposure or a decent wage. What you are missing in this statement is that they are giving you a platform to show your skills in organized team play and that is something you may be able to rise from. It is almost impossible to get noticed in your backyard or home gym work outs and you are not getting film, game experience, or exposure from that. Moreover, it may be impossible for you to survive on the small salary’s and the demand of travel and expense too work out. If that is the case, well it might be time to think about doing something else, because no one is going to fund this ride for you, its your journey and your risk to take.

There are just to many athletes for too few spaces on the NFL level and football as a career is a privilege not a right. Yes there are a ton of politics too it  and the need for twists of good luck, but if you are not in the draft, or signing immediately thereafter the reality is if you want to continue your career you need to be playing somewhere working towards your goal.





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