It’s time to end the NFL Combine and Draft Eligible players should pass on the trip to Indianapolis and not work out for the cash – grab media circus, advertisement it has become for the NFL.

Players have a full body of work and NCAA film documenting their careers and athletic accomplishments on the gridiron, their academic prowess is measured by their GPA and their character is testified too by their coaching staff. If teams want to work out an individual player they can bring him into their facility pre-draft or visit his pro -day to watch him him do all the same drills ¬†they do at the combine and which do not measure football ability but rather speed and agility in that moment. And let’s face it, if you are talented enough, the NFL will find you, because they need you.

The Combine is just a giant advertisement for the NFL to tap their sponsors pockets in the off-season and a free trip for a bunch of front office people and coaches who are better off staying at home and doing the research with their scouting departments.

It really doesn’t matter how fast these guys run or how far they can standing broad jump, they are not doing themselves any favors performing like circus clowns at the Combine. If they do well, everyone will say they are blue chip athletes, we expected them to do well, if they perform badly on that day, it will raise false concerns and it will cost them money in draft rankings. The only thing a player can do at the Combine is hurt himself and give the teams a reason to take away money from his pockets.

The combine measures nothing about player, it simply gauges fan interest in the NFL and another reason to generate content for the NFL Network, this time of year. In fact, its just a NFL bill board on the off -season highway that players can get penalized for and lose rankings over tests which do not measure success on a football field.

Players you worked your whole High School and College careers to put together a resume for an NFL job – don’t be judged by a ridiculous Combine event, that does nothing but measure your track and field abilities, or go run and track and field.

How about all the other Draft Eligible players who do not get an NFL combine or even a pro day ? and are classified PFA’s or UDFA’s, which make up a significant amount of NFL rosters. How do they find their way to the NFL ? Same way everyone else does, Good Scouting departments, their film, hard work and finding their way to a work out.

Sorry, I am calling bullshit on the Combine.