1. Professional Football is a business. If you are lucky enough to be playing in a professional league with a players Union of which there are only 3, I know of – NFL, CFL, AFL – and you are getting paid – then you are an employee – respect your employer, the job and the paycheck. “do your work”. All the rest is icing on the cake. Cake doesn’t last forever, enjoy it while it lasts, but don’t cry over it when it is gone.
  2. The only one, who has the “power” to get you a professional football job is YOU. Stop blaming your agent, your coaches, the school you played at, whoever, if you are not getting an NFL work-out, then get your ass on the field somewhere and start making people notice you. You will not make a team working out in a gym or on your own, no one cares if you are a work out warrior or what your sad story is, there are a million of you. You can only move forward by taking steps in a positive direction. Climb the ladder as far as it will take you – then get off.
  3. Football is not a right, it’s a privilege. If you are lucky enough to be a gifted athlete and you have played football through high school and college without getting injured and it paid your way till now – pat yourself on the back, great job, be proud, savor the memories for life, they are yours. Only a handful of you are moving on to a professional football career less than half of 1% of High School football players get a shot at a pro work out. If you decide to chase the elite dream, understand the odds, the risks and the reward. But there are no guaranty’s or free passes.
  4. You can’t jam a square peg into a round hole. Professional Football Organizations are extremely sophisticated at evaluating players and knowing what they want and when they want it. You can claim that you are a top shelf prospect or player all you want, if you are not a match for what teams are looking for, you are not getting a roster spot. Listen and look for clues. Meaning if you are not being scouted or pursued by teams, you are not on anyone’s radar. That is all telling. If someone asks you to pay your own way to a work out – hang up.
  5. Speed above all else. Professional Football is faster and more aggressive than any level you have played at before. If you are not fast – you are going to be last and left behind. You can gain speed but you can’t get speed. Work at it, be fast above all else.
  6. Winners never quit and quitters never win. If you don’t have this mentality then you have already been defeated – quit now, because you are a quitter.
  7. Just be great when the opportunity comes. No need to tell your story, we all have one, you need to be agile, mobile, and versatile, when the opportunity presents itself and you need to be better than anyone you are competing against or with at everything. If not, well, you let it go by, not anyone else.
  8. Do not ask agents or others to fund training, work outs or food or go around money. This is not legitimate, because you have no intention of paying them back. If you are at a University stay there get your degree and work out there. If not go home and make arrangements at your high school or wherever. If you can’t afford a separate gym or a personal trainer, then do what the rest of do, work harder with what you have and get yourself ready for your opportunity, which is your pro day or the combine or a bowl game..
  9. DO NOT PAY TO WORK OUT for Professional football teams or leagues. If you have not been invited or recruited to a work out – then don’t go, you are giving your money away to someone who doesn’t need it, in exchange for a false promise.
  10. GO BIG or GO HOME! – Pro Football isn’t for cry babies, it’s an elite club by invitation only.

Thanks for listening – have a great day – I am available to those who are focused, serious self – aware , just ask for Jimmy G

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