I am calling for NFL Glove Gate Investigation


There is no question any longer that the gloves being worn by NFL players are enhancing their ability to make ridiculous catches that otherwise would fall to the ground as incomplete passes.. It appears that if a player can touch the ball it will most likely stick to his hand long enough for him to haul it in to his body.

I am calling for investigations on all the obvious players making one handed grabs and lay out catches who are wearing these catching gloves to see just how much of an advantage this is giving the players.

Look if you are going to take the time to call the Patriots for deflating footballs too gain an advantage, then the league should at a minimum run some tests on the “catching gloves” being used, to see if they are providing an unfair advantage to some of the NFL WR’s.  Yes, all players can wear gloves, but the offensive player has a distinct advantage as he is heading to an area he knows on the field that the ball is being thrown too. If he can get his hands or a hand on it, then …

It’s one thing if these guys are wearing the gloves in cold weather to keep their hands warm, but gloves have become an integral part of the uniform and I am just wondering how much of an advantage is being gained through glove technology that is giving the offensive player or certain players,, well, a hand up.

As a pre cursor to this article I watched a video sample of high school kids trying to catch one handed with gloves and without – the difference is staggering and obvious.

I am not looking to detract from a players outstanding athletic ability but I am curious as to how much the glove is adding to the equation.

I am calling for NFL Glove Gate and calling bullshit on some of these catches, (not all ), just some.

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