Pay for Play Open Try Outs are not Legitimate


Leagues like the CFL, AFL, MLFB, FXFL, IFL that hold try outs which charge players a fee to workout, should be sanctioned, fined and barred from these activities by local labor boards. This practice is criminal and self–serving and not for the benefit of young un-knowing athletes who think they are getting a fair chance at a roster spot or a legitimate evaluation.

These “professional” leagues have sophisticated scouting departments, hired consultants, data bases and budgets to evaluate players. They all have access to Collegiate film, Pro days, and Coaches from which to consider potential players. They also have the on-going open opportunity to go watch games where all these players play in their respective programs to see how they really perform on the field.

These so called free agent try-outs are simply cash grabs which raise 10’s of thousands of dollars for teams and leagues under the guise that these players are getting a chance to work out for a professional team with a chance for a job. I am calling bullshit on this and it has to stop.

Charging a potential player to come work out for a chance to be evaluated,  is tantamount to any business saying to a person come pay me and I will let you know if I think you are good enough to work for me. How would we all react if McDonald’s had open try outs for positions and made people pay for the opportunity with no requirement to hire anyone ? The local labor boards would shut them down so fast it would make your head spin. So, what is the difference here? Just because it is football – nonsense

The difference is these leagues are preying upon the desperation of these young athletes and creating false hopes and promises and charging them for the so – called opportunity to work out and be discovered. When they have no intention of hiring them and no requirement to do so, despite the fact that they have taken their money.,  It’s outrageous and an unscrupulous business practice that needs to end now.

If you want to work out a player – either go work him out or bring him in on your nickel, stop laying it off on the players and their agents – that puts money in your pocket. It’s a deceiving, unfair business practice, that needs to cease immediately.

If you do not have the finances to scout, recruit and retain players, then maybe you are not a professional league and should not be playing.

I am calling upon fair labor practices to stop this nonsense from continuing and stop fleecing these young man of their money.



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