Hall Of Famer Andre Reed Available for Coaching Position


Pro Football Hall of Famer and Buffalo Bills Legendary WR Andre Reed available for Full Time Coaching Position

Andre Reed is seeking a full time position with an NFL or Division 1 NCAA Team for next season.

This Hall of Fame Wide Receiver   http://www.profootballhof.com/hof/member.aspx?PlayerId=265   :

* His 16 year NFL career with 3 teams – 15 with the Bills , 1 with the Redskins and 1 pre-season w Broncos before retiring.

*2 years of on field experience in the NFL Walsh Internship, serving for Andy Reid of the Kansas City Chiefs and Rex Ryan of the Buffalo Bills.

*3 consecutive years of Coaching the WR’s at the NFLPA Bowl.

*He is the only living football player with his College Stadium named for him – Andre Reed Stadium at Kutztown University.

* 7 consecutive Pro Bowl Appearances and 4 Consecutive Super Bowl Appearances

* When he retired he was considered the greatest at Yards After Catch (YAC) in the game.

* Member of Boys and Girls Club Alumni Hall of Fame

* Buffalo Bills Wall of Fame

* Greater Buffalo Sports Hall of Fame

* Many years of experience providing analysis on NFL Network, ESPN and CBS Sports.

Please inquire regarding Andre’s availability to:

BIG (www.bombasticindustriesgroup.com)

Jimmy Goldsmith


Cell: 917-716-6176


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