4 Steps to a Better NFL



I think it’s time that the NFL stop worrying about unimportant rules changes to the game, like point after touchdowns and trying to sell that to the general fan base that the owners are doing something good for the game and begin to focus on the real problems the Brand is suffering from.

  1. The NFL and its teams need better human resource departments that can actually begin to deal with some of the “issues” that are affecting their employees, while it’s happening, instead of reacting to the fall out, for example, domestic violence, child abuse, drug abuse, depression, etc. Large organizations like the NFL, need to provide services to players and not just sit in the judge’s chair when things go wrong, pointing their fingers.  I am talking about pro -active counseling and providing actual resources to the players who find themselves knee deep in situations they can’t handle that are complicating their lives and compromising their team mates and families. These players are obvious to those in the management offices, coaching circles and in the locker room. Trouble rarely springs up over-night and there is so much that can be done on this front that is not being done for the players, the coaches, the managers and the front offices. Take care of your own, don’t shoot them when things go wrong and use them as examples of what not to do.


  1. The NFL needs to provide some real practical education on finances to players and to assist them with real programs to help keep them current on tax responsibilities, budgeting, investing in their futures and teaching them how to live within their means. So, even if their careers don’t last, their money will. The rookie symposium is a joke and the lack of support at the team level for players and their finances are a disgrace to the NFL. Most of these players have waltzed through NCAA programs and have degrees without knowledge, depth or real life fiscal accountability or responsibility. The NFL does nothing to help these players stand on their own.
  1. The NFL needs to do a better job of funding, employing and integrating the retired player pool and legends of the game into their system. Retired players are too quickly discarded and without the ability to transition from the game and into other careers. The Hall of Fame is a perfect example of an organization that should not be struggling to meet its budget.  Rather the NFL should be providing better financial support to the Organizations representing the players who make the game and Brand what it is today.

4.     The NFL needs to change its leadership more frequently and develop and carry out better policy. Even the President of the United States only gets a 4 year term. I think the NFL would be better off if they changed Commissioners every 4 or 5 year or so and allow candidates for the position to politic for the office by disclosing their goals and a platforms to run on and then keep their jobs based on performance not popularity.





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