NFL Needs Better Leadership !


.Just like Wall Street the NFL is a place where money is thrown around like raindrops on an empty street. Just like Wall Street, the NFL has become a place where colossal fortunes are made and lost in what seems the blink of an eye, usually on the player level   These types of environments will almost always attract people of questionable character with a win at any cost attitude, where lines in the sand become fuzzy and rationalizations grow like crabgrass on the fields of business. Those ‘cheaters”  will always have to be managed, fined,and suspended from the game. This current commissioner has demonstrated that he does not have the wherewithal to represent the NFL on rules, policy and regulations.

The NFL whether by choice or incompetence latley has proved itself to be bad regulators and poor policy managers. The NFL’s inability to make consistent and good decisions about the games “cheaters” has begun to undermine the brand.  Roger Goodell the Commissioner has become untrustworthy. He is a little like the spoiled milk in your refrigerator. You want to drink it and trust it’s OK, so you check the date on the carton which has expired by a couple days and you take a  chance and pour it, but  lately it sours your coffee or ruins your cereal. Roger’s uncanny ability to handle things badly and steer the ship in the wrong direction is compromising the popularity of the NFL Brand and calling the league’s ability to self manage in to question.

The latest fumble of DeflateGate by Goodell in which he attempted to pass off his authority to Troy Vincent is further proof he has become clueless to his responsibility as commissioner and testimony that he no longer understands his job. The rules of the game are in the Commissioner’s domain and they are his punishments to hand out.  The NFLPA has challenged the merit of the suspension on this matter ( that Vincent had not authority)  and other relevant mistakes made by the NFL in their recent ruling.

NFL owners, was it not enough to watch your beloved commissioner get booed on every single pick of the draft in Chicago , or that three of the first 4 picks do not even respect the process or the office enough to even to be present at the draft this year ?

The NFL will always be challenged by ” cheaters” of the game and there will always be tough decisions to be made. The answer lies in better leadership and more effective policy.




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