Defining The Sports Athlete/Agent Relationship


The Mission of the Sports Agent is to connect athletes with opportunities (work-outs/appearances, etc) so you can pursue your dreams and enjoy your life. If YOU have the talent to convert on those opportunities, perhaps those dreams will come true.

Attached to those opportunities are contracts/paydays or “Cheese” as some of us like to call it, and we Sports Agents negotiate the “Cheese”. That is at the very core of our existence – to chase down the Cheese for you.

Because, Agents are so involved in chasing down the Cheese for you we sometimes get caught up in your lives and your struggles and personal issues that have nothing to do with business. We are doing some of these things because we are your friends and are avid and passionate promoters of your talents. We tell your story over and over to those who will listen and to those who may pay you. Do not however mistake this with the notion that we are somehow required to do these things for free. We are also mice with families and lives and troubles of our own. We need Cheese to enjoy our lives too, this is what we do for a living even though we do it for you.
Sometimes, we sports agents like to be acknowledged for all the hard work we do for you. It’s kind and proper to shout us out to others, it make us feel good and it motivates us to want to to go out and get more Cheese.
It is not our job to work out for you or show up for you.
It is not our job to finance those opportunities for you because, we are not banks or financial institutions. The Leagues, Teams and Corporations you are about to play or appear forĀ Have all the Cheese. When we get you some, please remember to share. A mouse gotta eat too.
Remember this most importantly, there are no guaranty’s in Cheesey world, other than what you have been paid and deposited in your account. Many of these contracts are conditional upon making a roster or completing an appearance in the fashion demanded by the agreement. The average playing careers are very short – maybe 3.5 years and the after career money is tied to success during your career, So. you eat what you are – so to speak. will all face the Laws of Diminishing Cheese… so you better save it all. or you are going to be right back where you started.
Good news for you is, that’s where we come in again, to help you re – create your selves and enjoy new careers as coaches, radio and TV analysts and so on.
Good talk, see you out there.
Jimmy G.

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