BIG launches software application PostPending into Full Production

final PMS colors, 600x450

For Immediate Release

New York, NY

July 22, 2014

Bombastic Industries Group (BIG), well known for mentoring and working with players during their time on the field and well beyond their playing days, to launch PostPending, LLC, a social media mentoring device later on this year.

High profile individuals, especially athletes, have long been targets of swindlers and scam artists.  Current and former players often fall victim to such predators and fall into financial ruin.

Social media has caused this problem to worsen.  Not only are players instantly accessible for any type of offer or inquiry, but also using outlets such as twitter and facebook can cause players to make trouble for themselves.  What was once an innocent remark at closing time is now a global statement with countless negative ramifications.

Using PostPending, BIG  helps its clients manage financial risk, reputational risk and regulational risk, among others.  PostPending helps to mentor high-profile individuals on how to deal with social media to protect their image, or brand, which, at times, is their most valuable asset.

Inbound and outbound messages are screened and shared with the athlete to both protect him and to train him to be ever vigilant. Inquiries for information on a player’s health and plans are highlighted in much the same manner as potential insider trading information is in a financial institution. Just like aggressive investors, bettors will stop at nothing to get an edge.

Dealing with media is something many young players are very cautious about having seen others’ mistakes. PostPending helps provide the same level of caution relating to social media, which, because of its ease of use and casual availability, can significantly understate its impact. An innocent tweet or facebook post made late at night after a great time with friends can have global distribution and far more negative ramifications than a televised interview. Postpending provides the needed discipline to limit these infractions and helps coach players to embrace greater scrutiny as they mature.  Also, it provides layers of security.

PostPending extends BIG’s mission to mentor its clients to allow them to maximize their potential both on and off the field and protect their brand now and in the future.

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