Bombastic Industries Group (BIG) set to launch Athletes Software Mentoring Application – PostPending

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Jimmy Goldsmith, CEO, and HOF Wide Receiver Inductee Andre Reed of Bombastic Industries Group (BIG) have created and developed a software-mentoring program for athletes. The program will be named PostPending and will soon be available for access at  PostPending will assist athletes in forming their outgoing statements and help screen incoming information and solicitations on their social media platforms. The application is designed for mobile, mac and pc platforms.

The PostPending software will help athletes, entertainers and public figures in preserving their image and sending out their desired messages. Statements and pictures made in the moment and often innocently launched via massive social media platforms carry enormous social and monetary consequences to the sender. PostPending helps users form safer posts.  Additionally, the software includes historical ranking values, which provide corporations and brands with a snapshot of an account during the consideration for hire time period.

In this day and age of instant media, extreme bandwidth and digital foot printing PostPending provides its users with a layer of protection and a better understanding of the immediate consequences of their messages, tweets and posts.  Also, PostPending provides its users with information on the audiences they are reaching and statements they are publicly making.

Athletes are public figures and employees of organizations that provide large salaries.  Athletes attract significant traffic to their accounts, while carrying enormous bandwidth in social media.  It is imperative that athletes learn that much of what goes on in the cyber-world is anonymous and not always well-meaning. The ability to decipher incoming traffic, as well as outbound, will go a long way in protecting individuals from unrecognizable predatory behavior and making poor statements to large audiences that carry long-term consequences.

PostPending is in the working demo phase and has moved into full production with a projected program launch date of November 2014. BIG has retained the services of DeerWalk, Inc, a custom software development company for design implementation and long-term management of

For more information about PostPending please contact:

Jimmy Goldsmith


cell: 917 -716 -6176







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