NBPA Should Not Trust Owners Re: Donald Sterling

The National Basketball Players Association should not trust the Owners on any actions concerning the Clippers current owner Donald Sterling. They should demand, at a minimum, a seat at the table and an open investigation as to why the Owners have allowed Sterling to continue in the face of a history of racism, discrimination and unfair business practices.

Donald Sterling is unfit to represent the NBA in any capacity and his business partners and fellow franchise owners have allowed him to continue for years while turning a blind eye to his activities. It is despicable and blatantly irresponsible of the Owners and simply pointing a finger at Mr. Sterling is not acceptable. Sterling’s alleged “recent incident with his girlfriend” is just a chapter in a long body of work that has gone un-tethered and has exploded into the public spotlight in the midst of the NBA play-offs. Not only is it embarrassing to the owners, but also it is disrespectful to the players and fans of the league. Any action must be all-encompassing to resolve the matter and end any notion that this is tolerable to anyone in any respect.

This is a defining moment in the history of the NBA and one the Players must not let pass without demanding a legal path consistent with NBA By Laws, that any relationship with Donald Sterling and his family be severed immediately. There is no doubt Mr. Sterling will contest any sanctions, however, the Players must remain steadfast in there position that they will not tolerate, condone or work in an environment which endorses racism.

Under the watchful eyes of the NBPA, The owners must unite in an effort to remove Mr. Sterling, albeit legally, from the room. At a minimum there should also be sanctions leveled against the owners for allowing Mr. Sterling to prosper financially in their midst.


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