BIG’s Eddie Lora goes from Handyman to First Baseman for the Red Eagles of VeraCruz


In what has to be one of the more inspiring baseball story’s in awhile, once Major League Baseball Prospect Eddie Lora 1B is back in Professional Baseball and his dreams of being a professional baseball player are alive and well.

Eddie, was the Dominican Player of the year when he was 17 years old and a rising star in the Boston Red Sox Organization. He was the player sought after in a trade by the Red Sox with the NY Mets that involved Billy Wagner P. Eddie fell out of favor quickly with the Mets, after a poor performance with Kingsport, which included an 0-31 hitting slump and a paltry .209 batting average. Eddie was released in 2011 and the light on his bright future as a baseball star had seemingly gone out with no one noticing that he had come and gone.

A few months later, Eddie found himself working as a porter in a high end NYC co-op, mopping floors, taking out the garbage and dreaming about a career gone by too fast. One day on my way to the building gym I met Eddie in the basement. He told me of his brief career and his desire to return to baseball. He knew I owned and operated a sports agency and asked me for help. I told Eddie i only represent young athletes who are serious about their sport and who have the talent and burning desire to succeed. I told him to let me know when the fire was burning again, and when he was ready to make the necessary commitment. Until that time comes if ever, I told him to hang on to his job. I saw Eddie many times after that, most of the time his eyes would point away or look at the ground.

A year later 6’2″ 235lb Eddie came up to me and said I am quitting my job, I am going back to my academy in the DR, if i can get in shape will you get me a try-out. I want to play baseball more then anything else, I want a second chance. I told him under the advice of my partner and friend BIG’s Jack Donovan, I would get him a try -out with a Mexican League Baseball team in Oct in Arizona, if he got his eyes checked and got back into shape. Because as Jack says no one goes 0-31 in Kingsport, there has to be a bad hop in there somewhere, or the kid is having trouble seeing. With the help of his good friend and former minor league player Victor De La Cruz and under the constant prodding of BIG’s bird dog Steve Foster, Eddie got back into shape, got his eyes checked and got a pair of contact lenses. Something we later learned that he had abandoned wearing during his time with the NY Mets.

He made the trip to Phoenix, AZ from NYC via a two and half day bus trip and then he proceeded to tear the cover of the ball, field with soft hands and run like the wind for a BIG man. A week later Eddie has his second professional baseball contract and was on his way to VeraCruz to play summer and winter ball in the Yaquis de Obregon Mexican Pacific League Organization.

The dream is alive and Eddie is playing and thinking BIG again – its what we do at Team BIG.






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