Buffalo Bills Pass on Interviewing Andre Reed for WR Coaching Position


In what only can be characterized as a total failure to communicate and a colossal break down between the Buffalo Bills Organization and one of its most popular and legendary super star WR Andre Reed, Reed was not even interviewed for the open Wide Receivers Coaching Position despite the fact that he had telegraphed his interest to the  team and its upper management weeks before the recent round of hiring’s. Reed has been actively appearing and coaching at Bowl Games and has had interest from several NCAA teams and at least one other NFL team to fill their open Wide Receiver Coaching positions, but was waiting on the Bills who are near and dear to his heart and soul.

Words cannot describe the disappointment to Reed, who found out in his car, while on his way to serve as a Player Ambassador at the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl. ” I am stunned ” commented Reed. “While, I totally respect all the recent decisions and appointments to the open positions made by the Bills organization, I kind of think my resume and commitment to the game and especially in Buffalo entitled me to at least an interview, when I had made it known that I was interested”.  Reed went on to say that ” if it is the judgement of the decision makers that I am not qualified, then so be it. But all you need to do is ask anyone in the league, the guys I played with, coaches I played for or the men I have been working with recently to understand that I am 100% committed to being successful at this and I have what it takes on the field and off to be a teacher and a leader”. “I have proved that I am a tenacious competitor, a highly talented receiver at the NFL level, I love this game the people in it and I love the fans and I am ready for this”, said Reed.

Some lucky program will reach out to Andre Reed soon and they will find him to be a mature and knowledgeable football person who is committed to success and the game of football and that his experience and sense of self translates well into coaching. He will out work anyone and he will lead by example and the players will listen and follow him willingly. It’s always a privilege and a bonus to be around this man. I  know someone will be calling him soon enough even though this time around it was not the Bills.





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