Crazy Shit Roger Clemens

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Roger Clemens Trial to Start

“The indictment accuses Clemens of making 15 separate false statements during both the deposition and hearing testimony, including denials of drug use, insistence that Pettite must have misheard him about using drugs and denials that he attended a party at admitted steroid user Jose Canseco‘s house. ”

Damn, all I know is if I lied to a grand jury even once, I am taking my meals in a cellmate cafeteria and living in a one room suite that has my bed and my toilet in it and iron bars for doors. ““`

Hey Roger, are you frigging nuts or have you consumed too much of your own kool-aid ? Why do you expect anyone to believe the nonsense you are throwing out there ? The only reason your attorney believes you is because you have been paying him for the last 3 years, nice work if you can get it. Whatever, your back line story is on the trainer ( who you now say tried to blackmail you), it doesn’t give you the right to lie to a grand jury, and then say you have trouble with the English language. That is just ridiculous.

Great pitcher, might have even been a Hall of Famer if he had just quietly admitted his wrong doings . Couple of  I am sorry’s, I didn’t know what was in the injections I was taking and yes sir it is odd that my fast ball increased in velocity after I was 38 years old and I do acknowledge that people get weaker with age not stronger , yes, I should have known something was up with that. Yes, my work-outs are awesome but no sir they do not take years off your body or miles off your arm and they do not help me to recover quickly like HGH does when the body is cycling and stacking. Yes, there is an amazing difference between my body and arm on steroids, it makes me look and feel and throw like a monster. Clearly, Senator, the drugs I was injecting and ingesting took an amazing toll on my body and have caused intermittent psychotic behavior and personality shifts. It’s not so much the raging as it is the believing my own bullshit that has caused footinmouthatosis, a known extreme side effect of over cycling on steroids. Blatantly lieing about my abilities and actions and encouraging others to do the same is also a known side effect of these drugs.

Roger plead drug induced insanity. You are so far off the Reality Reservation that the judge will have no choice but to convict you if you sit there with a straight face and try and defend your bullshit. What is it with you guys and why do you think everyone else is just damn stupid that they don’t see you. We see you, we enjoyed all the wonderful moments on the field you gave us and appreciated you for the tremendous athlete you are and were.  We just don’t believe the nonsense that you spew, and you are embarrassing yourself with your stories. Are you crazy or do your really believe what you say ? Either way it’s pretty crazy shit Roger.

Cop a plea and get your dumb ass out of the papers and the court system.

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