NBA Draft tonight – Kemba Walker’s slide could be epic

We are looking at what is characterized by most teams as the worst draft class in NBA history. The talent is very thin after the first 4 picks and there is even some risk in those picks as Kyrie Irving allegedly is suffering a foot injury. However, in every draft there is a guy with talent who just seems to fall through the picks because there isn’t a good match with a team. I think this years “slider” is Kemba Walker.

The 1-4 picks I think are pretty obvious, Kyrie Irving, Derrick Williams, Enes Kanter and Brandon Knight. A lot of what happens after that depends a lot on trades, maneuvering and preference. Regardless of who is picking, I think you can gain consensus that those are the top four guys in the draft and at those picks you have to take the most talented guy on the board. This is not a great year to be picking number 1 and that is why there has been alot of discussion on trades but nothing seems to be happening.

Walker has the talent to play in the NBA, I just don’t see where he matches up well with anyone, or any team that has him high enough on their board to grab him in the lottery picks or even in the top ten. Once the momentum starts going downhill I think this kid could slide pretty far in the first round. his other problem is that teams are comparing him and Jimmer Fredette. I think that is very bad for Walker because I don’t think there is any comparison between him and Jimmer.

With only 2 rounds and a limited opportunity to get good picks in what is a very thin draft, you would think Kemba would go early on. I just don’t see a good match for him. I also worry a bit about his size and his need to have the ball all the time. I don’t think he is a Jalen Rose, D Wade, Rajon Rondo, Chris Paul, Steve Nash, Chauncey Billups, or even Russell Westbrook type. So, I just don’t see who grabs him high in the draft. I think he will develop into a nice player, I just don’t have him as a can’t miss or superstar.

Most of the teams who need a point guard also need a big man and if your taking the talent risk in a thin draft, then you take the chance on a forward or center and shop the league for a back-up point guard to fill the role.

For these reasons I see Kemba Walker taking a long wait in the green room tonight.  The tough part for Walker is the farther he slides the more it costs him. Hey if he is hanging around when the Knicks are picking you can bet D’Antonio will jump all over that. Someone to shoot tre’s, problem is they won’t have any plays to run for him, between Amare and Melo and a healthy Billups. See not a goof match up for him even in NY.

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