Repeal Pro Tennis player Robert Kendricks Ban


Today I am asking my blog followers and friends to help fight a terrible injustice in the tennis world. Professional Tennis Player Robert Kendrick is banned from the sport for a period of 12 months for ingesting a marginal supplement to help overcome jet lag. While the International Tennis Federation acknowledges this, they are trying to impose a career ending ban on Robert. So, while other professional athletes walk around with syringes, HGH and cycle on steroids to enhance their performance, and  go unchecked, Robert Kendrick’s career hangs in the balance over a minor pill ingestion to clear his head.

I am posting a link which explains the details of this situation. I ask you to read it and make up your own mind. If you agree with the absurdity of the situation please vote Like and help get Robert back on the tour.

Thank you and please get involved.

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