• 4 Steps to a Better NFL

      I think it’s time that the NFL stop worrying about unimportant rules changes to the game, like point after touchdowns and trying to sell that to the general fan base that the owners are doing something good for the game and begin to focus on the real problems the Brand is suffering from. The …

  • BIG’s Andre Reed Accepts Walsh Coaching Internship with Bills

    For Immediate Release May 19, 2015 New York, NY Bombastic Industries Group, BIG is pleased to announce that Hall of Famer and Former Buffalo Bills greatest WR  Andre Reed #83 has accepted a Walsh Coaching Internship position with the Bills for this pre -season. Andre brings his Hall of Fame career to the table, including …

  • NFL Needs Better Leadership !

    .Just like Wall Street the NFL is a place where money is thrown around like raindrops on an empty street. Just like Wall Street, the NFL has become a place where colossal fortunes are made and lost in what seems the blink of an eye, usually on the player level   These types of environments …

  • NFL Should Buy-Out CFL and Start A Developmental League

    If the NFL’s goal is too become global and they ultimately desire to maintain a viable talent pool too feed teams able bodied players, experienced coaches and referees then the answer is for the NFL too buy -out all the CFL teams and start a developmental league. How much could it cost to buy -out …

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